Meet Marc A. Thurston, Kern County Apartment Investment Expert

Over Three Decades of Multifamily Real Estate Expertise

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Bakersfield & Kern County's Go-To Apartment Investment Expert

With over three decades specializing in Kern County and Bakersfield Apartment Investments, Marc A. Thurston has become a sought-after authority in the market. His focus on multifamily investments provides clients with tailored strategies and deep local insights, ensuring high-value transactions.

Marc’s impressive track record boasts over 730 successful transactions, cumulatively valued at over half a billion dollars. He sets the gold standard in apartment investment in Kern County and Bakersfield, offering his clients unparalleled expertise and strategic guidance that drives optimal returns on their investments.

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By the Numbers: A Snapshot of Marc's Success

With over three decades as a leader in Apartment Investment in Kern County, I am dedicated to delivering unparalleled service. Whether you're a first-time investor in Bakersfield or looking to expand your portfolio, my expertise aims to maximize your ROI.

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Why Choose Marc?

Marc Thurston is more than a real estate broker; he's a specialist in Apartment Investment in Bakersfield. Built on pillars of trust, accountability, and unparalleled expertise, Marc is your top choice for growing your investment in Kern County's multifamily real estate market.

Over 34 Years of Specialized Experience

Three decades in Apartment Investment in Kern County, serving as both a broker and a strategic advisor.

Unmatched Track Record

Over 730 successful transactions in Apartment Investment in Bakersfield, with a sales volume exceeding half a billion.

Exclusive Market Insights

Comprehensive reports and data-driven advice specific to Kern County's Apartment Investment sector.

Trusted by Industry Professionals

60% of business comes from other knowledgeable real estate brokers making personal investments.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Discover firsthand why Marc A. Thurston is the trusted name for Multifamily Real Estate Investment in Bakersfield.

Marc did a fantastic job, it was quick, efficient, and very professional. I am an out-of-town investor. Working with Marc was a great experience, Marc knew the market well and walk me through the entire process which made it easy. Thank you, Marc, I highly recommend you to anyone desiring excellence in a real estate agent.

Yevonne Luo


As a real estate appraiser, I work with Marc to verify transactions and information.  Marc is a very knowledgeable apartment broker.  I would trust Marc to fulfill all the promises.

Michael Burger

MAI | Michael Burger & Associates

While discussing price strategy with Marc, the conversation was always geared toward how to accomplish the bigger picture.  With this direction from Marc, Grayson and I were able to get full ask and set a record for the property type and the neighborhood.

Eric Richardson


After dealing with a handful of real estate agents, finding Marc was a relief.  He was very professional, always available to answer questions and most importantly understood the mind of an investor.  If you’re in the market for multifamily, this is your man.

Quentin Schulman


Thank you so much for a very smooth, painless and prompt escrow closing! Much appreciate your guidance, valuable insights and patience! If you have a site that we can post a testimonial, please let us know. You epitomize the creme de la creme! Have a wonderful weekend!

Abigail & Ed Ocampo


We have been in the Bakersfield apartment market for over 20 years and we have found Marc to be one of the better brokers we have worked with.

Jim Devany

Golden State Financial Group

Master Bakersfield Real Estate

Unlocking Value in Bakersfield's Multifamily Properties Since 1990. Partner with Experience. Maximize Your ROI.

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Get the clarity you need to make informed investment decisions. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

What differentiates Marc A. Thurston in the multifamily real estate market?

Marc A. Thurston specializes exclusively in Multifamily Real Estate Investment in Bakersfield, offering over 34 years of industry experience and over half a billion dollars in sales volume.

How do you evaluate properties for investment?

We conduct comprehensive Bakersfield-specific multifamily research, scrutinizing various aspects like location, rental yield, and growth potential to make sure you're getting the best return on your investment.

What type of consultation services do you offer?

We provide both buyer assessments and complimentary property valuations, tailored to meet your specific investment goals.

Can you help me with both buying and selling?

Absolutely, we offer end-to-end services for both buyers and sellers, providing expert advice and strategies to maximize your returns.

How do you determine market trends in Bakersfield?

Utilizing in-depth research and local market data, we have a pulse on the current market conditions, allowing us to guide you effectively.

Where is Bakersfield California?

Bakersfield is in the Central Valley of California. It is 90 minutes North from Los Angeles, and 4 hours South of San Francisco. (2 hours to the central coast and 2.5 hours to the mountains)

What is the population of Bakersfield?

Approximately 500,000 which includes the county islands located within the city of Bakersfield.

What are the main economic drivers of Bakersfield.

Government, Agriculture, Energy, and logistics

What makes Bakersfield such a good location for Multifamily real estate investing?

It is one of the last locations in California that investors can earn positive cash flow.

What is the vacancy rate in Bakersfield Ca?

In the 4th quarter of 2023, it was 3.1%. Bakersfield has had minimal multifamily development, so the vacancy rate has remained low for a long time.

What drives the population growth in Bakersfield California?

Jobs, affordable living, and a family friendly lifestyle that it hard to find in larger cities in California.

What is the average price per unit in Bakersfield California?

In 2023 the average price per unit was $145,000.

What is the average rent growth rate in Bakersfield California?

In 2023 it was 4.45%, but over the previous 5 years it has averaged 9.96%.

How many apartment units exist in Bakersfield California?

Approximately 49,000 rentals in Bakersfield California.

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