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Discover the best opportunities for apartment investments in Bakersfield with Marc Thurston’s expert insights.

Exploring Investment Opportunities: The Top Apartments for Sale in Bakersfield

This blog post highlights the lucrative opportunities in investing in apartment buildings in Bakersfield. It discusses the benefits, the current market trends, and how Marc Thurston guides investors to make the most of these opportunities.
Marc A. Thurston
May 8, 2024
min read
Explore the advantages of investing in multi-family homes in Bakersfield and how Marc Thurston's expertise can maximize your returns.

Why Investors Are Choosing Multi-Family Homes in Bakersfield for Long-term Growth

This post delves into the strategic benefits of investing in multi-family homes in Bakersfield, highlighting market trends, the economic advantages, and how partnering with Marc Thurston can lead to successful investment outcomes. It serves as a guide for potential investors to understand the value and potential of multi-family properties in the region.
Marc A. Thurston
May 8, 2024
min read
Discover key insights and expert tips for investing in duplex properties in Bakersfield with Marc Thurston's comprehensive guide.

Navigating the Market: Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Duplex for Sale in Bakersfield, CA

This blog post explores the benefits and strategic advantages of investing in duplexes in Bakersfield, CA. It provides potential investors with an understanding of the local market trends, the financial benefits of duplex ownership, and how Marc Thurston’s expertise can guide them to make informed investment decisions. The post aims to equip readers with the necessary knowledge to capitalize on duplex investments in this growing market.
Marc A. Thurston
May 8, 2024
min read
Master the mindset for successful multifamily real estate investing. Avoid pitfalls and secure your financial future today!

The Pitfalls of Multifamily Investing: Three Character Traits That Lead to Failure

Multifamily real estate investing offers an enticing avenue for wealth creation and financial freedom. However, success in this competitive market requires more than just capital and industry knowledge—it also demands the right mindset and character traits. Unfortunately, certain traits can lead investors down a path to failure if left unchecked. In this blog post, we'll explore three character traits that can ultimately sabotage multifamily investing endeavors, jeopardizing potential returns and long-term success.
Marc A. Thurston
February 14, 2024
min read
Kickstart your multifamily real estate journey with these key tips: educate yourself, set clear goals, and start small to grow your wealth.

Essential Advice for the 20 Year Old Multifamily Investor

Embarking on a journey as a beginner multifamily real estate investor can be both exciting and daunting. While multifamily properties offer a great opportunity to build long-term wealth, navigating the complexities of real estate investing requires careful planning and strategic decision-making. Let’s dive into the most essential pieces of advice I would give to a brand new investor.
Marc A. Thurston
February 14, 2024
min read
Maximize your multifamily investment with expert property management strategies for operational efficiency, tenant satisfaction, and financial growth.

The Key Role of Property Managers in Your Investment’s Success

Effective property management plays a pivotal role in ensuring the success and profitability of multifamily investments. In this blog post, we'll delve into the critical role of property management in multifamily investing success and explore strategies for optimizing property performance.‍‍
Marc A. Thurston
February 14, 2024
min read

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Get the clarity you need to make informed investment decisions. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

What differentiates Marc A. Thurston in the multifamily real estate market?

Marc A. Thurston specializes exclusively in Multifamily Real Estate Investment in Bakersfield, offering over 34 years of industry experience and over half a billion dollars in sales volume.

How do you evaluate properties for investment?

We conduct comprehensive Bakersfield-specific multifamily research, scrutinizing various aspects like location, rental yield, and growth potential to make sure you're getting the best return on your investment.

What type of consultation services do you offer?

We provide both buyer assessments and complimentary property valuations, tailored to meet your specific investment goals.

Can you help me with both buying and selling?

Absolutely, we offer end-to-end services for both buyers and sellers, providing expert advice and strategies to maximize your returns.

How do you determine market trends in Bakersfield?

Utilizing in-depth research and local market data, we have a pulse on the current market conditions, allowing us to guide you effectively.

Where is Bakersfield California?

Bakersfield is in the Central Valley of California. It is 90 minutes North from Los Angeles, and 4 hours South of San Francisco. (2 hours to the central coast and 2.5 hours to the mountains)

What is the population of Bakersfield?

Approximately 500,000 which includes the county islands located within the city of Bakersfield.

What are the main economic drivers of Bakersfield.

Government, Agriculture, Energy, and logistics

What makes Bakersfield such a good location for Multifamily real estate investing?

It is one of the last locations in California that investors can earn positive cash flow.

What is the vacancy rate in Bakersfield Ca?

In the 4th quarter of 2023, it was 3.1%. Bakersfield has had minimal multifamily development, so the vacancy rate has remained low for a long time.

What drives the population growth in Bakersfield California?

Jobs, affordable living, and a family friendly lifestyle that it hard to find in larger cities in California.

What is the average price per unit in Bakersfield California?

In 2023 the average price per unit was $145,000.

What is the average rent growth rate in Bakersfield California?

In 2023 it was 4.45%, but over the previous 5 years it has averaged 9.96%.

How many apartment units exist in Bakersfield California?

Approximately 49,000 rentals in Bakersfield California.

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