Where Nature's Beauty Meets Small-Town Charm

Photo of a stunning Tehachapi home

Welcome to Tehachapi, CA: California's Alpine Marvel

Situated amidst the rolling hills and steep mountains of California, Tehachapi is a breath of fresh alpine air. Known for its serene landscapes and a robust community spirit, this quaint town offers a peaceful retreat away from the urban hustle.

A Community of Outdoor Enthusiasts and Artists

As of 2023, Tehachapi is home to a cozy population of around 13,000 residents who have a fond appreciation for nature and the arts. With outdoor trails, art festivals, and community events around every corner, there's never a dull moment in this mountainous haven.

Tehachapi Real Estate: Where Nature Meets Comfort

Real estate in Tehachapi is as diverse as its residents, featuring everything from rustic cabins to modern architectural marvels. With a wide range of property styles, Tehachapi has something to suit every lifestyle and budget. Here are some keywords to consider when house hunting:

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Activities Abound in Tehachapi

Nature lovers and adventure seekers will find themselves right at home with the array of outdoor activities Tehachapi offers. Whether you're hiking through the Tehachapi Mountain Trails or exploring the local art scene, there's something for everyone.

Diverse Dining Experiences

Tehachapi's culinary scene is a reflection of its community—diverse and inviting. From cozy cafés to elegant dining options, Tehachapi offers a palate-pleasing range of eateries that cater to various culinary cravings.

Education: Where Futures Begin

Tehachapi offers a range of educational opportunities, served by the Tehachapi Unified School District, featuring:

  • Elementary Schools: Cummings Valley Elementary, Golden Hills Elementary
  • Middle Schools: Jacobsen Middle School
  • High Schools: Tehachapi High School

Final Thoughts on Tehachapi, CA

Tehachapi stands as an idyllic community, making it an irresistible choice for those seeking a blend of natural beauty and modern convenience. Its diverse range of properties, high-quality educational system, and variety of recreational options make it a compelling choice for anyone looking to escape the ordinary.




Experience the allure of mountain living in Tehachapi. A spirited community offering outdoor adventures and a diverse real estate market.

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Photo of a stunning Tehachapi home


Experience the allure of mountain living in Tehachapi. A spirited community offering outdoor adventures and a diverse real estate market.
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Where is Bakersfield California?

Bakersfield is in the Central Valley of California. It is 90 minutes North from Los Angeles, and 4 hours South of San Francisco. (2 hours to the central coast and 2.5 hours to the mountains)

What is the population of Bakersfield?

Approximately 500,000 which includes the county islands located within the city of Bakersfield.

What are the main economic drivers of Bakersfield.

Government, Agriculture, Energy, and logistics

What makes Bakersfield such a good location for Multifamily real estate investing?

It is one of the last locations in California that investors can earn positive cash flow.

What is the vacancy rate in Bakersfield Ca?

In the 4th quarter of 2023, it was 3.1%. Bakersfield has had minimal multifamily development, so the vacancy rate has remained low for a long time.

What drives the population growth in Bakersfield California?

Jobs, affordable living, and a family friendly lifestyle that it hard to find in larger cities in California.

What is the average price per unit in Bakersfield California?

In 2023 the average price per unit was $145,000.

What is the average rent growth rate in Bakersfield California?

In 2023 it was 4.45%, but over the previous 5 years it has averaged 9.96%.

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Approximately 49,000 rentals in Bakersfield California.

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